By Casey Liss

My dear friend Myke Hurley is a huge pen and paper aficionado. One of his (many) podcasts is called The Pen Addict. He bought himself an iPad Pro and an Apple Pencil.

Sure, I like to doodle and scribble as much as the next person, but all I wanted to know was if the Apple Pencil would give me the digital handwriting experience I had wanted for so long.

As expected, Myke’s review of the Pencil is considerably different than most people like myself who just enjoy new gadgets. Myke has years of history with the exact implements the Apple Pencil is looking to mimic; the (often bespoke) pens and pencils that Apple is looking to improve upon.

The joy that we all feel when using our favourite combinations are unlikely to ever be matched by glass and plastic. But that’s not what this product is about.