By Casey Liss
iPhone 6 Quick Impressions

I received my Space Gray 64 GB iPhone 6 on launch day; I’ve had it for nearly a week now. Naturally, I have some immediate impressions.

  • The battery life seems better than my 5s by a comfortable margin
  • The screen seems to be of better quality than the 5s
  • I’ve adjusted to the side lock button quickly, but for some reason I keep thinking the volume controls are on the right side now
  • The camera is markedly improved
  • The 5s looks positively tiny, but fits much more comfortably in my hand
  • Software-wise, I like the new screen size a lot
  • Physically, however, I’m not sold on the size

I think Joe Rosensteel summed it up best, and I completely agree:

In truth, I’m still adjusting to this change, and I do think that I might have selected a smaller phone if one were available. For me, screen space was never as important as one-handed operation.

I’m very curious to see how I feel about the size after a couple months.