By Casey Liss
Party Like it's 1999

Last night I accidentally stumbled upon a treasure trove of 90’s nostalgia. Seemingly nearly all of Woodstock 1999 is available for streaming on YouTube.

I landed there thanks to Vertical Horizon. (I don’t care if you think they’re awful. I like them and that’s all that matters to me.) I looked at the description for the video and found a huge list of links to other performances.

Immediately I felt like I was back in high school, listening to all my favorite bands with my high school friends. Ah, the memories.

For your convenience, and my own, I’ve catalogued them here. I’ve done my best to honor the original event schedule.

Please note that this seems to be from a non-broadcast source and it’s Woodstock. There are shots of the audience that may not be appropriate for all viewers or contexts.

So many gems above. The only downside to this walk down Nostalgia Lane is that now I feel really old.

May as well start embracing it, I suppose.