By Casey Liss
Without Children

The BBC has posted an interesting article about coping with life-long infertility. As someone who struggled with infertility for 3 years, it’s an interesting and sobering read.

One thing that’s very frustrating about infertility is that no one’s experience is the same, and everyone’s own experience genuinely is the worst. Hearing someone say they understand our experience because they had a few months or a year of troubles is infuriating, and it feels extremely insensitive.

Just as infuriating as I’m sure it would be for us to say we understand someone else’s experience because they’ve had a miscarriage. Or have had to go through one or more rounds of IVF. Erin nor I would never dare say such a thing, because we thankfully don’t know what either of those are like.

For these women and couples, I cannot fathom what they’re going through.

Moreover, it’s a reminder of exactly how lucky Erin and I are to have been able to conceive Sprout.