By Casey Liss
War is Over

With apologies to Faith.

Pencil Line”:

When Casey Liss casually mentioned on two podcasts, ATP and IRL Talk, that he thought vinyl records sounded better than digital audio. The approbation of the digital community rained down.
The argument quickly became a binary, scientific, evidential one - with Casey ultimately having to almost publicly apologise for daring to believe that he preferred analog to digital when listening to music.
The e-book copy [of a book] will be more faithful to the authors original text (my old copy has got a couple of pages missing and a red wine stain that makes a paragraph illegible) but the romance, the tactile feel, the old book smell, the memory of reading this book in cafe in Berlin before the wall came down, makes the overall sensory pleasure of reading the book infinitely superior to reading the text on my iPad. If Casey Liss, or anyone, feels the same way about music then so be it.