By Casey Liss
Behind the Syrup

My pals over at Studio Neat recently released a stop-motion video that explains how to use their Simple Syrup Kit. It’s a really fun, short video:

Dan describes the motivation behind using stop motion:

There are two things that I love about stop motion. It is super approachable; a five-year-old could make a stop motion movie. The other thing I love is, inherently, you see the creator’s hand (not literally) in the work. The visual of stop motion somehow allows you to understand it was crafted by a person, painstakingly.

On their blog, Dan explains how they did it. It’s a really interesting post about how simple-yet-tedious techniques can produce really interesting results. Don’t miss the video at the end, which is an unedited version that shows you how they made syrup shake in mid-air, and pens write all on their own.