By Casey Liss
Burn It Down

On the latest episode of Analog(ue), we discussed self confidence. One of the facets of this discussion was that I’m reticent to join Flickr and put my photographs online, because I have so many friends that are way better photographers than I am. I don’t feel like my photos are up to snuff.

Matt Gibson had a bit to say about that feeling:

…that’s one of the major differences between a good photographer and a bad photographer: developing the discernment you need to throw away the rubbish. To show people only your best photos.

Matt makes a really great point.

I’ve been trying to get better about “burning”, as Matt calls it, less-than-perfect pictures. I’ve already been taking the same approach with blog posts. I have several posts I’ve written — even completed — but not published.

Being that self-critical can be difficult, but it makes me a better writer, and a better photographer.