By Casey Liss
Geotagging In Bulk

Our fancy new camera allows for uploading of GPS information by way of a companion iPhone app. However, it requires the presence of mind to start position logging in that app before you start taking pictures. I often forget.

Since I love having robust metadata in my pictures, I want to be able to tag items in bulk upon removing them from my camera, even if I forget to tag them as I’m taking them. This allows for me to, among other things, look for pictures based on where they were taken in apps such as Picturelife:

Generally, I don’t care about hyper-accurate geolocation information; I just want to know which pictures were taken at our house, at my parents’, at Disney World, etc.

As expected, the good doctor had a solution.

My process is as follows:

  1. Go to Google Maps
  2. Find the location I’m looking for
  3. Right-click on the map, and choose What's Here?
  4. Copy the latitude/longitude from the popover in the upper-left hand corner of the map
  5. Plug in my SD card
  6. Grab a group of pictures that were all taken at the same location and move them into a staging folder
  7. Run Dr. Drang’ script on those images. For example:
    ~/ -n 37.219980 -w 80.418054 *.JPG

The files in that staging area can now be processed. In my case, that processing — unsurprisingly — is also largely based on Dr. Drang’s work.

I should note that his script has quite a few dependencies. I found that, since I use Homebrew, a couple of brew install commands (and a bunch of waiting) was all it took to get what I needed.