By Casey Liss
Heroku ➕ Dropbox = ❤️

For the last few weeks, I’ve been beta testing a new feature from Heroku. The smart folks over at Heroku have enabled Dropbox integration for repositories hosted there.

While that may not make a lot of sense at first, it is in actuality an immensely powerful feature.

Being able to make changes to my repository — no Git client required — means I can make changes to my blog in my Dropbox, and those changes will propagate to Heroku. Furthermore, those changes will be automatically committed to my Git repository, as you’d expect.

This effectively solves my posting-while-mobile problem.

My mobile workflow is as follows:

  1. Open up a text editor that speaks Dropbox and Markdown. For me, that’s Byword.
  2. Add/edit the files that need updating
  3. Make sure those changes are saved to Dropbox
  4. Go to the Heroku Dashboard, find the app in question, and open the Code tab
  5. Add a commit message, and then click/tap Deploy

All told, these steps are the approximate equivalent of performing a git commit and a git push. It will cause your app to deploy itself using the changes you’ve made in Dropbox.

No ugly hacks required. That’s super awesome.

Finally, after I’ve pressed the Deploy button, when I’m back at my main workstation, I simply git pull to synchronize my local git repo with the changes made in Dropbox.

Though to be honest, there isn’t a hugely compelling reason to continue to use Git directly.

Good problem to have.